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Anat Dror – Vegan Raw Chef

A vegan chef from Israel, Anat Dror uses raw ingredients (meaning unheated, or cooked at less than 40ºC) in all her delicious dishes. Her signature specialties are her yummy yet healthy deserts.

I had tremendous fun filming her cooking videos, and a huge perk was having the privilege of tasting every single appetizing dish we filmed and believe me, they were all lip-smacking good! Normally, I refrain from eating at all just before and during filming but with Anat, I was unable to resist at all. Take it from me, besides being nice to look at and extremely delicious, one of the best things about her raw food dishes is that you don’t feel guilty nor heavy after eating them, which allowed me to continue working easily.

Feel free to check out some of her amazing creations in my  food gallery.

Bon appetite or as we say in Hebrew, beta avon!

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