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Video - Medu R.A. Photography
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Tailord Marketing

Every business is Unique, Whether you're an Entrepreneur, business owner or professional, we will conceptualize, shoot and edit in a specific way to suit YOUR business.

One Stop Shop

We provide video directing and guidance throughout the production stages as a part of our QC process, The final goal is to achieve the highest quality possible with the given budget.

An Effective Team

Video - the secret sauce of your marketing. It will move and touch peoples emotions and drive them towards the desired effect. We tailor our scripts for your needs, and spice them with viral formulas to achieve the most effective video for YOUR goals, So we got you covered!


Corporate Video, Sales, Landing Page Video, Call to Action Video Video Campaign, Event Video Video for Website Educational and E-Learning Video

Marketing campaigns

Our unique V.M.F (video marketing formulas) are designed to sustain a long-term marketing campaign to boost your brand! Let the customer look you up, instead chasing them.

Give your video wings!

We provide Social Media Optimization. With careful planning and execution we'll make your content viral-thru the digital sea of Facebook.

Youtube & Facebook partnership

Let the big boys help, Google will prioritise your YouTube video keywords Facebook will lead you further & deeper with a Video rather then with any other media, Supercharge your ROI and make every dollar count!