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Lights Of Aeon



When Avner & Dor of the music band “Lights of Aeon” approached me to take the cover shot of their eponymous album, it was obvious that it was not going to be a typical shoot. The deep timbre and unique sound off their music had to be matched with a similar themed setting that was just as evocative. It struck me immediately that the night sky would be perfect as a backdrop as nothing else so aptly personifies ” lights of aeon” as the ageless light, magnificent beauty and angelic innocence of the stars. The
Negev desert was a natural choice of location as it too hides its timeless age within its sands while it is also far away from our city’s light pollution thus enabling wondrous night shots of the sky.

So off we went on a road trip to the majestic Negev desert. Upon reaching the “Big Crater”, we did some day shooting while waiting for night to fall. However, the wait didn’t end with the setting of the sun as the moon made an appearance. Though gorgeous, the light she spills interferes with the kind of shot I was after so we had to bide our time till she hid her graceful white face behind the horizon. When she did set, it was finally time for action. Despite the fact that they were half freezing as well as half asleep, Avner and Dor gave their best and the shoot was done without any hitches and then checked to ensure we had the desired shots without any errors or focus problems, as we didn’t want to have to come back for a re-shoot. We then re-packed our gear and headed back to civilization. The drive back was just as interesting, but that’s another story…


A few words on the production – a choice was made to light up only one half of their faces in order to give the illusion of a planet-like lighting, while further melding the subjects within the backdrop. Then the logo, the star within the ‘O’ and the constellations were added for final flourish.

I would love to hear your opinions and suggestions on the shots.
In the meantime your invited to check out their refreshing and inspiring album


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